Health Sciences Library 
Network of Kansas City
We accomplish our mission through our members, who give of their time, talents, skills, and interests to make HSLNKC a vital organization in the greater Kansas City area, and beyond. 

You are encouraged to become involved on a committee as part of your commitment to HSLNKC when joining the organization.   When you join HSLNKC, you can express interest in the committees where you would like to serve, or at any time indicate your area of interest to an Officer, or anyone on the Nominating Committee.   Candidates for HSLNKC Executive Committee positions are nominated by October 1, and elected annually in November by member vote.
Committee appointments begin in January, and are typically for one year. 

Listed here are the committees and their members:

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Kim Carter

Members: Katie Dayani, Kitty Serling, Joyce Sickel  

The Committee is responsible for periodically reviewing and updating the bylaws, policies and procedures, as the needs of the organization grow and change. View the HSLNKC Current Bylaws!

Education Committee

Co-Chairs: Marie Thompson & Cindi Nicks

The purpose of this committee is to arrange and coordinate continuing education programs that are held at various times throughout the year, and after the HSLNKC quarterly network meetings. Education programs award HSLNKC Continuing Education credit.  
Programs that are held in conjunction with other librarian organizations, such as the Medical Library Association, offer MLA CE credit that may be used to attain AHIP (Academy of Health Information Professionals) points.


Institutional Committee

  Institutional Liaison: Joyce Sickel
Consortium Purchasing: Joyce Sickel
The Institutional Committee manages the consortium purchasing for institutional members, and the interlibrary loan and courier service.   The Institutional Liaison manages consortium pricing, and recommends policies, fees for service, and disbursements.  The Statistics Coordinator monitors interlibrary loan activity, and is a member of the Institutional Committee.

Nominating Committee

Chair:  Kitty Serling

Members:  Lori Fitterling, Joyce Sickel

Professional Activities Committee

Co-Chairs:  Keri Swaggert

Members: Dawn McInnis, Simone Briand 

This committee selects and nominates member libraries for the HSLNKC annual recognition awards, and recognizes all members with awards and certificates for their annual contributions to HSLNKC.  It also makes initial plans for any regional, or national, conferences of health sciences librarians that take place in Kansas City.

Website Committee
Chair: Benjy Stein

This committee works on maintaining the site as an effective, efficient communication tool for members and prospective members.
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